SPITZENJUNGE embodies a happy and self-confident attitude to life characterised by joy, openness and tolerance.

Be who you want to be and emphasize who you are.

The exclamation, "That's spitze" expresses something we all strive for.

Happiness, contentment, recognition, success.

How a new brand was born on a night out with friends

It was 2012, when during a social evening among friends a discussion about underwear for men sparked. Surprisingly, it turned out that this was definitely an important topic. While the men initially regarded this topic as rather less relevant, the ladies saw it quite differently.
Also the women wished that their men should regard underwear with the same appreciation as they did themselves.
And so, when looked at a little deeper, there was quickly a consensus that high quality lingerie for the most part fit better, felt better and looked better.
Indisputably, everyone felt more comfortable in great underwear and the fact that the choice of underwear emphasised a desired state or feeling meant that it also boosted self-esteem.

If one wanted to underline his business state, perhaps the high-quality premium underwear would be the first choice. But maybe one chose an unusual model and expressed his rebellious urge for freedom, which would remain hidden for others, however, as a small interesting secret under the outfit.
Possibly one was looking forward to a date. Underwear that expressed more sexiness, makes more desire and anticipation and provided exciting, erotic moments and the special tingling when undressing.

Underwear was suddenly more than just a quick 5-pack from the discount store.
On closer inspection, besides wearing comfort, it was primarily about feelings, secrets, individuality. Under these aspects, underwear suddenly gained a completely different status.

Since this at first sight banal topic occupied us so long and heatedly, it became clear to us what high significance underwear surprisingly had not only for the female sex.
And surprisingly, this was not noticed by the industry.

Individual, innovative, diverse, unusual designs in combination with high quality - for men, this was hard to find

And so the idea of special underwear that would meet these demands was born that evening.

Underwear as an individual statement.
Positive, exciting, individual depending on mood, feeling and occasion.
And also pleasant for the skin, high-quality and durable. Underwear as an expression of one's own attitude to life.

A name was quickly found. It should express exactly this positive, happy state of "I'm special", "I'm spitze" .

I am a top boy - well: a "spitzen Junge" in German.
I am happy, open-minded, tolerant and content. I am who I am: a great person, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation.
It's all about me as an individual and the way I feel.

And since the first thing that came to mind when we thought of happiness was the shamrock, we knew:

Spitzenjunge with a shamrock. That was it - that sait it all. That would be our brand!

I choose my laundry, which I feel like doing today, just the way I feel.

As I do so, I notice the little shamrock sewn into the laundry.

I take the linen in my hand and feel the beautiful soft fabric that is about to nestle against my body in comfort.

I slip them over my body, feeling good, confident.

The little lucky charm that I always carry hidden with me,
will carry me wonderfully through this day I'm so looking forward to.

High standards

Already in the next few weeks, the seed turned into a small plant. With so much input and enthusiasm, the first designs were on the table.
Different materials. Classic, noble as well as crazy and different.
Norms were broken in favour of the individual feeling but also the quality on the skin. How much added value could be achieved if one looked beyond the end of one's nose.
Cuts and fabrics as an expression and reinforcement of a feeling, a condition. For example, we used the material "lace for men too". A logical step. Because this high-quality material ensures transparency and can perfectly convey a corresponding feeling - both inwardly and outwardly.

The next steps were to be taken.
Which producers could provide us with the desired quality and individuality at fair conditions?

It was clear that production in Bangladesh, for example, was out of the question.

High-quality fabrics, fair working conditions, fair prices.

So the only choice was Europe. And so we looked exclusively for production sites that met our requirements.

Of course, this kind of production was more expensive. But on the one hand, we could only reconcile this impeccable way of production with our conscience and on the other hand, this was the only way we could rely on a continuously high quality, which would form the fundamental basis.


Today, as a successful start-up from Berlin, we inspire thousands of enthusiastic people with our products.

We have managed to transport our philosophy and help our customers to a satisfied and self-confident themselves.

Especially at trade fairs, we are delighted about the close contact and the many feedbacks and stories. And often these reports remind us of our first moments when we had heated discussions about the topic of "underwear for men".

And we are pleased that we have managed to bring underwear into a different focus for so many, offering so much added value, boosting feelings and self-confidence.

In 2019, we started to create counterparts for women, because with your help we understood that high-quality underwear partner looks were very difficult to realise . We are also excited to see how the journey continues with SPITZENMÄDCHEN in the form of partner lingerie.

In any case, we look forward to continue to inspire you with great products and designs.

My spitzen moment begins